WOW Water

Walk On Water works with the DNR, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, Freshwater Society, Carver County Water Quality Department and residents on lakes to monitor, educate and impact water and wetlands for good. We help others become engaged in activity that maintains and improves the quality of God’s precious gift of WATER! We incorporate stewardship of God’s creation in our WOW Fish and WOW Wake programs.



WOW Water inspires and trains people of all ages in activities to improve and sustain lakes, streams and watersheds near them. Click Here to see one of our communities.


  • Inspire
  • Engage
  • Impact

Storm Water

Where does the rain and snow go? Water, the universal solvent, takes everything with it into the storm drain eventually ending up in a wetlands, creek, lake and our oceans.

WOW works with public officials, residents, HOAs, churches and others to encourage irrigation and rains to infiltrate back into the land upon which it falls thereby reducing the volume and rate of water (and the garbage and chemical wastes that goes with it from fertilizers, road salts and grime) into storm gutters, ditches, streams and lakes.

Keep out of gutters, culverts & storm water ponds

  • Leaves
  • Grass Clippings
  • Garbage

WOW helps others & advocates for:

  • Plant natural plants and grasses, and no-mow landscaping at the lakes shoreline
  • Avoid chemical weed treatment and fertilizers in or near shoreline and streams
  • Avoid salt de-icers

Plants. Fish. Life

Life (yours, mine, plants, animals fish) all exists in a delicate balance of biochemistry. Changes we make to the chemistry of our wetlands can forever alter the life of a lake and all that lives in it.


Aquatic Invasive Species

Things get transported between lakes in a variety of ways. WOW helps keep things in lakes where it should be and out of lakes where it shouldn’t be added.

How we do it!

  • WOW only uses lake service providers that are DNR Certified
  • WOW decontaminates its boat and trailer before entering a lake
  • WOW uses only non-chemical treatment of weeds and disposes of weeds so they don’t decay in the lake