About WOW and the Ministry

Walk On Water began in 1999 with about 10-12 kids gathering each week with 5 adults who loved Jesus, kids and water sports to ski and wakeboard on the lake. Over the years, it has grown and has ministered and served well over 700 families. An average summer includes about 60-80 kids in small groups of 10-15 kids each on several lakes through several host families who graciously open their lake shore properties to our small group and our staff. We work hard to bring glory to God, and show our kids how to live lives of honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion and faith in Christ. That is our VISION!

Our MISSION is to develop and deepen trusting relationships between youth and Christ through committed, caring Christian adults using water sports.

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Walk On Water began in 1999 as the vision God had planted in Debbie's heart & mind many years prior. After several years of debating with God on who was the "right" person and where was the "right" place to bring His vision into reality, Debbie finally submitted to His plan and WOW began.


  • WOW Founder & Director
  • Fully Devoted follower of Christ
  • Loves Kids, water sports & God's creation


Matt Heinen graduated from Minnetonka Highschool in 2015 and now attends University of Colorado studying Financial Analytics.

Matts sports passions in slalom, barefoot and hockey along with his love of Christ and God's creation of lakes all lend well to coaching WOW youth in sport and faith.

Matt has served on staff with Walk On Water since 2015 starting as a driver and coach and representing WOW at Solid Rock Bible camp. He has moved up to WOW Wake Group Facilitator leading teams of volunteers in groups four days a week along with carrying the responsibility of safely towing WOW's boat to WOW groups and assuring AIS practices are adhered to.


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  • Amazing Coach
  • Loves Kids. Loves Jesus. Loves H2O.
  • Strong Leader. Strong Follower.


Bailey Collins is a senior at Wayzata High School. Avid hockey player, fisherman and watersports enthusiast, Bailey has been with WOW since he was 13 years old. Joining staff as a volunteer in 2016, Bailey has come on staff as Assistant Program Director for WOW Wake and WOW Fish.

Bailey has a zest for life and love for Christ that is contagious. His calm demeanor helps young kids overcome fears and trust in God.



  • Confident and Caring
  • Loves Jesus
  • Focused and Determined


Bailey training to be a driver for WOW next year.

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Board of Directors

Walk On Water has been a Board Directed 501c3 not-for-profit corporation since 2001. Our BOD seeks to guide the ministry by our Vision and Mission Statements through prayer seeking God's direction.

Board Members

  • Debbie Kraft
  • Mike Hoogenakker
  • Ashley Wickenhauser


Please prayerfully consider being an individual or corporate sponsor of Walk On Water!  The families of WOW are very thankful for the following corporate sponsors.  Contact us to learn how to sponsor Walk On Water through youth scholarships, support to our missionaries or support of prayer, gear, boats, or other options the Lord puts on your heart. Click the DONATION button below to make a financial, tax deductible donation to Walk On Water.


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About WOW Wake

  • Kicking Off The Season!

    The second or third weekend of June, WOW brings all the WOW staff, kids and families together for fun, fellowship, and a grand kick off with the season's theme! Don't miss it!
  • Growing in Sport!

    Meeting almost weekly, teams of 4-8 adults come together to pray for and with the young people God has placed in each WOW Group.  Each WOW session starts with a "Hey! How are ya?" and prayer!  Then it's onto the boats for waterskiing, wake boarding, kneeboarding, bare footing, wake skating or surfing! We meet around the picnic  table for a yummy, well balanced meal and time of 'growing in faith' by digging into God's Word. As the sun sets, everyone helps clean up and we settle around the campfire for some s'mores and fellowship. Some groups meet in the mid-day.  Schedules vary with each group but you get the idea!
  • Serving & Sharing!

    Jesus came to serve and save and so it is with WOW as we strive to serve people in our community and the world in some capacity as a group each summer. We take a week off from our water time to serve and recognize the needs in our community and world. Serving is sacrificial and does not seek a reward. Therefore, we take a week off from the fun on the water and do not bribe the kids to participate in serving by rewarding them for the sacrifice of their time to save another. We also strive to challenge ourselves to share our personal faith with others through an annual event! These events are as important and instrumental to the WOW ministry and youth's WOW experience as our weekly get-togethers on the lake.  They are planned for our WOW youth to put their faith into action by sharing their faith and sport with friends. See the calendar webpage for updates on all events.  Be sure to mark your calendar for these events as well as your weekly WOW discipleship gatherings.
  • Growing In Faith!

    Each session we carve out time for listening to, acting out, discussing, reflecting on, wrestling with and considering a Bible passage and how it relates to a teens' life today. The lessons tie our sport in with Biblical lessons aimed at teens.

    What Ages!

    Groups are based on age so we can meet kids where they are at in their physical and spiritual growth! Our oldest group is for young adults in high school and college. We start as young as 8 years old in our JR WOW group for 8-9 year olds.  Tell all your friends and sign up now! Groups fill fast! The calendar is usually up by March 1st and registration open by the beginning of April.

About FISH

  • WOW staff meet with one to two young people to go fishing throughout the summer experiencing God's awesome creation, the thrill of fishing and fellowship with one another.

    Contact us if you are or know a young person who would like to experience fishing and God with us.

About Stewardship

  • We incorporate care for God's creation of lakes and wetlands into our programming with kids in WOW Wake and WOW Fish. WOW also works to educate and engage our community in being good stewards of God's gift of lakes and wetlands.

    More details coming soon!