WOW Water

Walk On Water began its WOW Water programming spring of 2017. We works with the DNR, Watershed District, Freshwater Society, Carver County Water Quality Department and residents on lakes to monitor, educate and positively impact water and wetlands for good. We help others become engaged in activity that maintains and improve the quality of God’s precious gift of WATER! We incorporate stewardship of God’s creation in our WOW Fish and WOW Wake programs.



WOW Water inspires and trains people of all ages how to become engaged in activities to improve and sustain lakes, streams and watersheds near them.


  • Inspire
  • Engage
  • Impact

Storm Water

Many people don’t think much about what goes into the gutters and ditches as the rain water rushes toward them. They’re just happy the water goes “away”. That water and everything it takes with it into the storm drain eventually ends up in a wetlands, creek and lake.

Keep out of gutters, culverts & storm water ponds

  • Leaves
  • Grass Clippings
  • Garbage



  • Shoreline landscape
  • Monitoring
  • things you can do

Plants and Fish

Life (yours, mine, plants and fish) exists in a delicate balance of biochemistry. Changes we make to that chemistry of our wetlands can kill a lake and all its plant and fish life.



Things get transported between lakes and that isn’t always a good thing. You can be a help.

You Can Help!

  • Only use lake service providers that are DNR Certified
  • Decontaminate your boat
  • use non-chemical treatment of weeds and dispose of weeds so they don’t decay in the lake

Feature Section

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